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I wholeheartedly recommend Katie as a math tutor. She has an in depth knowledge of mathematics, and more importantly, a natural enthusiasm for teaching math concepts to students.  Her enthusiasm, patience, and ability to break problems down, draws her students in so that they find themselves understanding new concepts. Katie tutored Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry for two of my teens who were facing comprehensive placement tests. Both greatly benefited from the hours with Katie, and both did very well on their tests. - Mrs. Patterson, near Midlothian VA

During the months before the SAT, Katie thoroughly dispelled my fear of math through her clear instructions, patience, and humor.  No matter how difficult the concept (or how befuddled my brain) Katie never failed to explain in a simple, methodical manner until I completely grasped it.  She brought order to the chaotic land of SAT math, enabling me to approach the test far more confidently than I had ever hoped.  In fact, my skills improved to such an extent that I was able to surpass my desired score, despite taking the test with a severe sinus infection.  

- Elyse, near Midlothian, VA

To any parent considering Miss Learned as a math tutor:

Miss Learned came to us at a time of great frustration with Algebra 1.  I appreciated how she kept my easily distracted student, who would much rather talk about Dr. Who than focus on math, on task.  Miss Learned thoroughly explained math concepts, while working with my daughter on problems she had previously missed.  Miss Learned is flexible, courteous, and fun!

- Leisa, near Powhatan, VA

Katie Learned is the best tutor imaginable. She has made my horrible textbook become much more acceptable and many times she has even made math humorous and enjoyable for me. She is great with explaining things in different ways when I can't understand them, and her enthusiasm makes everything more exciting! She is good at controlling a rowdy class and she engages every student. Her love for the subject brightens the most difficult concepts and I have really enjoyed having her as my tutor! She is the best! 

- Mariah, Precalculus, near Powhatan, VA

Vouch! Katie is the best tutor ever!

- Justin, Physics and Precalculus, near Powhatan, VA

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